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There is no bullet list like MY Bullet list (2022 version)

Notes to myself #rethinkeverything

Switch hands

  • Move the pain
  • Rewire the brain

It's your data

  • Hand Copy it in Triplicate.
  • If its social then scrape it and automate it. God knows they do.

It's your work

  • They can't own what you learn.
  • Redact and copy your notes in Triplicate.
  • Create/test and share open source gists/solutions
  • Make work pathways to give back to the community
  • If you have to learn it you best use it at home (lxd5/ansible/jellyfish/usw)

Work on one less thing (simplify)

  • Every convenience is a point of failure or an attack surface.
  • Git does not need to look good to be usefull. (--gitea, --gitlab, ++bare-git+hooks/mirrors)
  • -- Twitter
  • with or without musk
  • also #fuckthatguy.
  • If your content is usefull it will recieve the appropriate tweets, links, usw.
  • and if it doesnt the internet is fundamentally broken.

  • If your wysywig is so unusable you don't "blog" Throw it away. (--wordpress)

Home is where the heart is

  • Don't let pi/routers do server/container work.
  • PiHole (filtering dns)
  • dhcp
  • look at virtualized routing

  • If you can't netboot off of it is it really your network.

  • Same goes for centralized management (ldap).

  • dhcp
  • tftp
  • iscsi

  • All active work behind at least one firewall.

  • Automate pushes (including this site).
  • Streamline/cleanup html generation
  • It should also be replicated in at least one other location

Let's go to your place

  • Ticketing systems should be more like distributed punchnotecards. --trac
  • You shouldnt be giving out XXX bucks a month to post your public images so they can be "distributed"
  • flicker free
  • multi homed

Just because you have source control doesnt mean it's all code

  • use markdown/git for most things.
  • but focus on the english.

Work imitates life

(What problems are we trying to solve)

  • Minimize technical debt both past and future.
  • Disentangle the various interconnected pieces and dependencies
  • Automate as much as possible
  • Document what is to be done. (Specification and sample implimentation)
  • Practice experience based stepwise refinement.

Start making sense.

Consolidate home network using OPNSense.

  • REMOVE openwrt router
  • REMOVE dedicated caching server
  • REMOVE dedicated dnsmasq server.
  • REMOVE (that fucking qwest router)
  • KEEP Pihole-FTL dns based blacklisting
  • ADD Better firewall rules
  • ADD VPN acces to home network
  • ADD Isolated Wireless network for solar array controller.
  1. See: Tufte's critiq of power point.
  2. "as code" is only as good as managements understanding of the job of the people who actually write and maintain it minus corporate whims, the abuse of executive privilege, and cultural constraints..